Media coverage

Satoshi’s Statue received a lot of media coverage even when it was still in the sculptures workshop. On this page we document the most prestigious media appearances from all-around the global and local media.

International and US media, the European edition
Insider news about the Satoshi Statue from Insider šŸ™‚
Yahoo, the well-known search engine and news site.
One of the leading crypto-specific news sites
The number one cryptocurrency news site of the international crypto space.
Documenting Bitcoin, a Twitter channel with over 300 000 followers
Binance Wiki, the Wiki site of the market leader cryptocurrency exchange, Binance
The leading information aggregator site of the international cryptocurrency market
One of the leading crypto-news sites
One of the oldest crypto-news sites.

Hungarian media

One of the top news sites of Hungary with over 400 k followers on Facebook
One of the very first websites on the Hungarian internet, started in the 1990s
One of the most popular news and entertainment sites of Hungary with 600 k followers on Facebook
Pop-science, IT, nature, many other topics on one of the leading infotainment sites of Hungary
The leading economics news site of Hungary
Celebrities, culture, everyday life, one of the top TV channels of Hungary
News about Hungary for expats
The leading radio station with 1 m listeners every day
As one of the founders of the Satoshi Statue, the leading Hungarian crypto news site and YouTube channel covered the Satoshi Statue more then anyone else.
Blockchain Bloom is one of the leading crypto, blockchain YouTube channels in Hungary.

Brasilian media

The Brasilian edition of Cointelegraph, the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news site

Spanish media

The leading Spanish cryptocurrency and blockchain news site
One of the leading Spanish news sites.
One of the leading Spanish crypto-news sites.
Spanish edition of Cointelegraph, the leading crypto-news site.