Satoshi’s statue is located in Budapest, Hungary

The world’s first statue erected to remember the developer of Bitcoin is located in the heart of Europe, in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The goal of the statue is to honor Satoshi Nakamoto, the founders believe that his work is truly something to be remembered. Not just because of its significance in the world of IT, but because of its value for humanity in general.

Bitcoin is more then a digital currency. Bitcoin, and especially the underlaying technology, blockchain is an answer to many of our problems.

The basic idea for a Satoshi statue came from András Györfi, editor of Kripto Akadémia, the leading Hungarian crypto news site. The most important players of the local crypto market quickly joined, Gabi Debreczeni-Raskó, Debreczeni Barnabás from MrCoin, the leading crypto exchange of the country, Imre Szilágyi, founder of the Blockchain Budapest conference, and Kornél Kalocsai, head of the Blockchain Hungary Association.

Satoshi’s statue represents a general human figure, since we do not know the gender, race, age, height of the mysterious developer. Satoshi is wearing a hoodie, with the Bitcoin logo on its chest. The statue is made of bronze, the face is made of a special bronze-aluminium composite, thus every visitor can see their own face when looking at Satoshi.

We are all Satoshi.

Short summary of the event here:

Satoshi’s statue has been unveiled on the 16th of September 2021, you can re-watch the event here:

Satoshi’s statue is located in the heart of Europe

The home of the Satoshi Nakamoto statue is in Graphisoft Park, Budapest, a beautiful location.

Budapest, Záhony u. 7, 1031 HUNGARY

The statue can be visited 24/7, free of charge.


Bitcoin is much more then a cryptocurrency. We believe that it brought something much more important to our world, then a decentralised, peer-to-peer payment network. The underlaying technology, blockchain that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced to the world can truly make our life better. Transparency, fairness, several others values in numerous fields, this is what blockchain truly means.

Satoshi has a very important legacy.

The Satoshi statue is the work of two Hungarian sculptures, Gergely Réka and Tamás Gilly. Satoshi’s statue is made of bronze, a half-portrait with a reflective face in order to represent the “we are all Satoshi” thought.

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The Satoshi Statue project has been created by four of the most prominent players of the Hungarian crypto space, and with the contribution of the Hungarian crypto community.

We started working on the statue in early 2021, the final work will be presented to the public during the summer of 2021.

Our goal is the create a proper memorial for Satoshi, whoever he or she was, wherever he or she is right now. We respect you Satoshi!

We also wanted to reach a true Hungarian success, something that the world can pay attention to.


András Györfi: co-founder of the Satoshi Statue, marketing, PR – Kripto Akadémia
Gabi Debreczeni-Raskó: co-founder of the Satoshi Statue, marketing, PR – MrCoin
Kornél Kalocsai: co-founder of the Satoshi Statue, advisor, finance: Blockchain Hungary
Imre Szilágyi: co-founder of the Satoshi Statue, advisor, PR – Blockchain Budapest
Barnabás Debreczeni: co-founder of the Satoshi Statue, advisor, IT – MrCoin

Special thanks to the Hungarian crypto-community!

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Made with love in Hungary
On the 16th of September 2021, when we unveiled the world’s first Satoshi Nakamoto statue, we formed the word “SATOSHI” with our bodies, took a drone photo of the performance. “We are all Satoshi”, no batter way to express this!