On this page we present the step-by-step roadmap of the Satoshi Statue.

-March 2021: Original idea of a Satoshi Nakamoto statue conceived by András Györfi, editor of Kripto Akadémia.

-April 2021: Imre Szilágyi, founder of the Blockchain Budapest conference, Gabriella Debreczeni-Raskó, Barnabás Debreczeni from MrCoin and Kornél Kalocsai, president of the Blockchain Hungary Association join the team.

-April 2021: Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly are selected as sculptures.

-June 2021: Clay model of the Satoshi Statue ready.

-July 2021: bronze-aluminuim composite half-portrait statue ready.

-August 2021: pillar arrives from Croatia.

-September 16th 2021: Introducing Satoshi’s statue to the world.